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The Work of Lukas Tobiassen covers instrumental and electronic/algorithmic composition as well as performative works. He particularly emphasizes on interdisciplinary projects which include collaborations with artists, set designers, graphic/interaction designers, communication designers, photographers, dancers and choreographers.
Born in 1987 in Germany he had lessons with the harpsichordist Prof. Bernward Lohr, followed by piano and composition lessons with the composer Pervez Mirza. He studied “Integrative Composition” at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany, with Prof. Günter Steinke and Prof. Thomas Neuhaus. He worked with Ensemble Recherche, Musikfabrik, Bochumer Symphoniker and others. His works were played on international Festivals such as the Kukeri Festival (Thessaloniki, Greece), Contemporanea (Udine, Italy), EMUfest (Roma, Italy), Musicacoustica (Beijing, China). He premiered two contemporary dance pieces with the choreographer Foteini Papdopoulou. As a founding member of Ensemble CRUSH he dedicates himself to the exceptional presentation of contemporary music by composing performances that deal with the modern concert situation in all its facets.

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